Apr 20, 2023

I’m not a landscape photographer, as I’m sure is evident by now. I don’t go out searching for the perfect shot—taken from the perfect angle with the perfect lighting in the perfect season. Mine are catch-as-catch-can snapshots, taken on the fly in whatever conditions are at hand, with the result that most of my photos aren’t particularly good. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to include a sprinkling of a few I rather like:



The Nicasio Reservoir—different seasons and times of day.



Miscellaneous beaches




This hillside north of San Francisco is the only one I’ve ever seen covered with heather.

The Berkeley pier with the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.

The view from Euclid Avenue.

The fountain in Marin Circle. The creatures with the Christmas wreathes around their necks are bears, but to me they look more like possums.